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MICR Toner for Laser Printers

SAFEChecks offers high quality MICR toner for use in almost every type of laser printer.

Toner and Toner Anchorage

Toner quality plays an important role in check fraud prevention. The high security laser checks offered by SAFEChecks all have toner anchorage. Toner anchorage is a thin, invisible, chemical coating applied to the face of the check paper at the mill. When a check goes through a laser printer, the heat from the printer gels the toner anchorage while melting the toner, melding the two together onto the check. The toner anchorage helps bind or “anchor” the toner to the paper, thus reducing the risk of the toner being peeled or scraped off and the check being altered.

“Cheap” toner is not high quality toner. It does not bind properly with the toner anchorage and will not adhere well to check paper. Cheap toner dilutes the protection that toner anchorage offers. While high quality toner is much more expensive, it is cheaper than attorney fees spent trying to recover the stolen funds caused by check fraud.

Laser Printers and Toner Anchorage

Another factor to consider is the heat of the laser printer. If the printer is not sufficiently hot, the anchorage will not be activated properly. Old printers may need to have the heating fuser element replaced. New printers, which are often set at a low temperature for environmental purposes, often need to be adjusted higher. Contact your technician for more information.

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