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Check fraud is the most dominant form of payment fraud in America, and produces more losses than all other forms of payment fraud combined. Every individual, company and organization is at risk. SAFEChecks fully understands the magnitude of this crime.

While no bank, product or program can provide 100% protection, our High Security Checks, Secure Check Writing Software, and Positive Pay Software will help you build the strongest defense against check fraud.

In our 20 years, SAFEChecks has NEVER had a check replicated or used in a check fraud scam!

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Abagnale Fraud Bulletin
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Testimonials and Reviews for SAFEChecks

"Everyone as SAFEChecks has always been great to work with. You have always been there to assist us when we are ordering checks, and making magic happen for us. Thank you." — Darla, Irving, TX


"I appreciated being able to ask detailed questions about the security features. Once we had the order nailed down, the turn around was also very quick. I think the finished product, in addition to being more secure, has a much more professional look than our previous stock." —
Christopher, Los Angeles, CA


"While at a Treasury Conference in Texas, I attended a check fraud session presented by Greg Litster, President of SAFEChecks. After hearing Greg speak about the various type of check and electronic fraud, I was convinced that our company needed a more secure paper for check printing. I stopped by their booth in the exhibit hall and reviewed their Abagnale SuperBusinessCheck. When I got back to my office, I convinced our CFO of the need to order the SuperBusinessCheck with its 16 security features. We’ve been doing business with SAFEChecks for many years now and have never had one of their SuperBusinessChecks replicated.

"I highly recommend SAFEChecks. These are good people and are easy to work with, and they deliver what they promise." —
Glen, Dallas, TX


"I've worked with SAFEChecks for nearly 7 years, and their team never disappoints! The product ships quickly, frequently arriving well before my expectations. Most important, the quality of the SAFEChecks product has been consistently impeccable. While most companies strive for adequacy, SAFEChecks strives for perfection, and they're pretty close. I can't imagine getting our vital business checks anywhere else." —
Dave, San Diego, CA


"As a non-profit, we trust SAFEChecks to provide us with premier, high-security checks. The controlled checks help provide maximum document security, which is our first line of defense in helping us prevent and combat check fraud." —
Holly, Chicago, IL


"We have used SAFEChecks for many of our clients of our CPA firm for over 7 years. We have always been impressed with their customer service and how careful they are on making sure the orders are coming from the proper source. We have looked at a lot of checks, but have always been most impressed with the security features of SAFEChecks." —
Mike (CPA), Los Angeles, CA

"I saw these check presented at a seminar I attended. I knew that I had to have them because of all of the money that flows through my trust account. Since I have been using these SAFEChecks I sleep better at night. I hope that no one ever steals my checks, but if they do, I will be protected! " —
Jeremy, Boise, ID

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